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Fire Safety Info Bulletin

Building Features

Campus buildings are equipped with safety features designed to limit the spread of fire, provide detection or suppress it.  Features such as fire alarms, fire doors, fire exits, and fire extinguishers provide sufficient resources in order to evacuate a building safely, protecting the campus community from harm during a fire emergency.  Depending upon the building, other life safety equipment, such as sprinkler systems, back-up generators and emergency lighting may also be utilized in the case of an emergency.  Each building is unique, so it is good to familiarize yourself with the procedures and locations of these devices in all the buildings you frequent. 

Please note that code issues that pertain to the structural elements of a building are addressed by both Environmental Health and Safety and Facilities Planning.  Compliance issues are usually created by changes in occupant methods or a change in procedures that directly affect the building occupancy classification, or the safety of others within the building. It is important for all occupants to understand the need to consult with Environmental Health and Safey and Facilities Planning before making changes in the use of spaces or adding any new operations.

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