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Fire Doors

Fire doors must be kept closed at all times.  Compartmentalization is critical to fire containment and successful evacuating.  If fire doors are open during a fire, fire and smoke can spread unchecked.  Stairways will act as chimneys and corridors will fill with smoke.  If the doors are kept closed, the fire can be contained and the stairways and corridors will provide a protected escape route.  It is especially important that the doors be kept closed at night when people are asleep and fire detection and room evacuation are slower.

Specially constructed doors designed to contain fire and smoke are installed throughout university buildings. These doors are to remain closed and latched when not in use unless equipped with a magnetic hold open device that release automatically upon activation of the fire alarm system. Fire doors are not to be wedged, blocked, chained or otherwise prevented from performing their design function. In addition to corridor and stairwell doors, student room doors are required to be kept closed and are not to be wedged open

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