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Maintenance of Egress

A means of egress, by definition, is a path of travel from any point in the building to a public way, which is considered a safe point during a building evacuation.  During this movement out of the building, there are numerous areas of a building an occupant can traverse through to ultimately gain access to the public way.  During this travel, employees can encounter building furnishings and decorations that can obstruct the path of travel preventing them from gaining safe egress. 

It is the intent of the university to provide for safe travel of occupants in all campus buildings that is free and clear of obstructions that could impead egress travel.  Furnishings, decorations, or other objects shall not obstruct exits, access thereto, egress therefrom or visibilty thereof.  Egress travel must be maintained free of all obstructions or impediments to full instant use in the case of fire or other emergency.  Building occupants should contact Environmental Health and Safety (8-8325) with questions about means of egress or the placement of furnishings or objects in any area used for egress travel. 

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