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Emergency Medical Services

If you witness a medical emergency, such as a major injury, heart attack, stroke, or other problem, your quick and decisive action can save lives.

  1. Dial 911 immediately
  2. Provide assistance consistent with your level of knowledge/training.
  3. Do not attempt to move a person with injuries unless imminent danger is present.
  4. Remain with the individual until emergency personnel arrive.
  5. If blood was involved in the incident and you believe you had contact with it, consult with ISUPD for exposure management. You should also read our "Bloodborne Pathogens Emergency Response Procedures" (see "Documents" section on right side of this page) and requirements.

When calling for assistance, the following information should be provided to the dispatcher:

  • Name of victim, if known.
  • Nature of illness or injury.
  • Location of the victim.
  • Where someone will meet the rescue squad to lead them to the victim.
  • Other information that may be pertinent or necessary, or that is requested by the "911" operator or rescue squad personnel.

The caller should stay on the phone with the "911" operator until they are sure no more information is needed.

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