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General and Fire Evacuation Procedures

When an evacuation has been ordered or initiated due to a fire alarm:

  1. Evacuate immediately by following the nearest Exit signs.
    1. If you see smoke or fire:
      1. Pull the nearest fire alarm pull station to alert building occupants of the fire.
      2. Call 911 from a safe place.
      3. Assist anyone needing help.
      4. Be alert for smoke as you exit the building - choose a path to avoid the smoke.
      5. Before exiting through a door, check the door and handle. If the door or handle are hot to the touch or smoke is present, do not open the door.
      6. DO NOT use elevators if evacuating due to a fire or fire alarm.
  2. Proceed to the designated emergency assembly area. Once safely out of the building, call 911 to report the situation.
  3. After reporting to the designated emergency assembly area, begin the accountability process.
  4. Let the police or fire department know if someone is missing or trapped inside and/or is in need of assistance.
  5. Stay out of the way of emergency personnel and equipment.
  6. Do not enter the building until you are approved to do so by the University Police.

If trapped in the building:

  1. Occupants are to remain in their rooms.
  2. Try to seal the base of your door (wet towel or cloth if possible) to prevent smoke from entering.
  3. Call 911 and let them know your situation and location.
  4. If possible, move to a window and signal for help.

Emergency Assembly Area:

The designated emergency assembly area for {insert name of your building here} is located on the {insert your assembly location here}. As this location may not be the best site based upon the type of emergency (i.e. weather and traffic conditions), individuals need to be prepared to move to another location.

Accounting and Information Procedures

  1. Personnel will be accounted for and will provide information about the evacuation and incident to {insert the name of the individual in charge of accounting for your department personnel}.
  2. A list of all regular occupants should be completed and attached to the Action Plan. The above-identified persons will use the list to verify the counting of regular building occupants.
  3. Emergency information will be provided to Illinois State University Police or emergency personnel on the scene immediately.
  4. Employees will be released from the emergency assembly area when all employees are accounted for. It is extremely important that all personnel known to have been in the building have evacuated and are accounted for.

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