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Incident Management Team

The Incident Management Team is a modular team that has three levels of activation. These levels are designed to assign the appropriate number and type of resources based on the scope and complexity of the incident.

Level 1: Police Chief, Emergency Manager, Director/Media Relations, Fire/Life Safety Officer

Level 2: Level 1 + Director/Environmental Health and Safety, Policy Group Liaison, Campus Communication Group Lead, Provost's Office Liaison, Dean of Students or University Housing

Level 3
: As needed from: Call Center, Registrar's Office, Human Resources, Athletics, Finance, Student Health Services, Laboratory Schools, Information Technology, Parking, Dining, Facilities Management, Energy Management, Risk Management, International Studies

EOC Briefing

There may be occasions when members of the IMT cannot physically report to the EOC. To support virtual EOC operations, the University utilizes an off-campus hosted application (VEOCI) that is specifically designed to support EOC operations, regardless of where its members reside. 

As part of its responsibilities during emergencies, the IMT will coordinate a number of response teams and capabilities including:

Campus Communication Group (CCG): The CCG is charged with monitoring various media channels, developing broadcast and targeted messages and posting those messages via the University's electronic and social media channels. The CCG also coordinates with University departments that maintain social media channels. Working with Media Relations, the CCG helps ensure we are effectively and routinely communicating with the University community.  Team contact is Katy Killian

Social Media Analysis & Response Team (SMART): SMART is a unit of the CCG and is charged with monitoring, analyzing and posting to social media channels. SMART uses a number of tools and techniques to carry out its charge and this unique team is instrumental in helping the Incident Management Team make informed decisions.  Team contact is Nathan Carpenter.

Emergency Call Center (ECC): The ECC is activated for emergency incidents that are receiving a high volume of phone calls. The ECC will serve as a critical first line of communications for incoming callers.  Team contact is Eric Hodges.

The ECC is currently recruiting team members!  We are looking for approximately 40 ISU employees who are willing to staff the Emergency Call Center during times of significant campus emergencies.  Shifts typically last 4-6 hours and during those times, you would be fielding phone calls from concerned parents, students, employees, Alumni and other constituents who are requesting information about the unfolding emergency.  Information authorized for release will come from the ECC Team Lead, who will be located in the University Emergency Operations Center.  Also, you will be asked to pass along questions, comments and concerned received from your phone calls.  This will help the EOC to respond to requests and update subsequent information releases.  

Besides infrequent activations (estimated at 0-1 per year), you will attend a one-time full-day training session and 2-3 team trainings/meetings per year (approx 1-3 hours each).  We are looking for employees who are passionate about helping others during times of distress, who possess good verbal communications skills and who are compassionate listeners.  If you are interested or have more questions, please contact Eric Hodges in EHS.

Damage Assessment Team (DAT): The DAT is activated when damage has occurred, or is suspected to have occurred, to University facilities. The DAT will assess buildings for occupancy; post placards on damaged buildings indicating occupancy restrictions; and share results with the EOC.  Team contact is Don Kunde.

Geographical Information System (GIS): The GIS Team creates visual and data-driven maps for the EOC. These maps help visualize current reports and conditions, predict future conditions, and help provide a basis for decision-making.  Team contact is John Kostelnick.

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