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Veoci (Virtual EOC, Inc.) is a web-based application designed to support virtual Emergency Operations Center activities.  Like other Virutal EOC applications, Veoci provides the essential capability for the University's Incident Management Team to enhance collaboration during emergency incidents.  Collaboration takes many forms, including sharing situational awareness, assigning and tracking tasks, initiating and tracking resource requests, mapping incident activities and coordinating incident objectives.

Veoci is hosted off-campus which places no dependencies on local infrastructure (except for Internet connectivity) to access and operate the application.  Veoci is accessed via the Web or via native iPhone and Android applications.  There are no charges assessed for downloading the mobile applications.

Using Veoci

The University's IT staff have worked with Veoci's technical team to tie Veoci into our ULID and password system.  As long as the University's CentralLogin system is accessible, you will log into the application with your ULID and Password.  Follow the instructions below to log in.  Should our CentralLogin system be inaccessible, you may log directly into Veoci using the password you initially setup.

Login Instructions

If you are new to Veoci, you need to setup your account by performing the one-time instructions listed below.  The automated e-mail you receive from Veoci starts the activation process.

First-Time User Setup Instructions

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