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What is an Outside Group?

Programs/Activities that are not operated on behalf of the University or under the University's control. An Outside Group includes Independent Registered Student Organizations, contracted vendors, and external groups that use University facilities. See examples of Outside Groups/External Facility Users and University Program/Activities. 

Will your event include Direct Contact with Minors?

According to the Protection of Minors Policy, Direct Contact shall be determined by appropriate ISU officials based on individual circumstances, and shall include but not be limited to:

  • Direct interaction, care, supervision, guidance, and/or control of minors;
  • Access to minors where one-on-one contact with minor is possible;
  • Authorized building access to facilities/property where minors are present (e.g. issued a key or similar access); or
  • Unchaperoned time in facilities/property where minors are present. A chaperone must be an ISU employee who has undergone a successful background check, and must be present at all times during the event or activity. 

Direct Contact DOES NOT occur if a chaperone is present.  A chaperone must be a parent/guardian (or parental designee) of a minor or an Outside Group individual who has completed a background check and is present at all times during the event or activity.

What requirements are Outside Groups subject to?

Outside groups must complete the Outside Group Space Reservation Form

This contract requires the outside group to complete a background check for each employee and volunteer who has direct contact with minors and is working the event/activity in order to use the space.  Groups may have additional requirements as determined by the Office of University Risk Management such as insurance coverage

Who to contact for questions

Minors Compliance Coordinator at  protectionofminors@ilstu.edu  or (309) 438-5367

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