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Electrical Safety Procedure
Lockout / Tagout Procedure



OSHA LOTO Interactive Training Program

Electrical Safety and Lockout / Tagout


The purpose of Illinois State University's (ISU) Electrical Safety Procedure is to protect employees from the hazards associated with electricity. Electricity is a serious workplace hazard, capable of causing both employee injury and property damage. This program applies to employees who, while performing their duties, are required to work on electrical systems throughout campus. All Facilities Management departments are required to follow the practices and procedures outlined in this procedure.   

Lockout / Tagout

The purpose of this procedure is to establish minimum guidelines to ensure the safety and health of personnel who may be required to work on any type of equipment capable of being energized or harboring stored energy.  This program will be used to ensure that a machine or equipment is stopped and isolated from all potentially hazardous energy sources, and locked out before employees perform any servicing or maintenance where the unexpected energization, start-up of the machine/equipment, or release of stored energy could cause injury.

This procedure applied to all Facilities Services, Heating Plant, and other Illinois State University employees and on-site contractors who may be required to work on this type of equipment or otherwise be exposed to the unexpected energization of this equipment.

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