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Hazard Communication Program




Hazard Communication

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that employers, such as the University, have a Hazard Communication Program. Hazard Communication involves the communication of hazards about chemicals to employees, also known as the "Right To Know". Hazard Communication requires that an employer's program provide a means for identifying and evaluating a hazard and communicating appropriate information to employees. It is the responsibility of the department, as well as your own, to handle chemicals safely, understand chemical labels, and understand how to use Safety Data Sheets (SDS). *(Since Illinois State University is a public institution, Illinois Department of Labor [IDOL] is the enforcement authority for worker health and safety. IDOL requirements are essentially the same as OSHA's.)

There are five essential elements to Hazard Communication, including the written program, chemical inventory, labeling and signage, Safety Data Sheets, and employee training. Employees shall be provided and have access to information concerning any hazardous material they work with, as well as any protective equipment necessary to prevent overexposure.

The primary source of information concerning hazardous materials is the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). SDS's are documents that identify hazardous constituents of a product, information pertaining to health hazards, flammability, reactivity, and instructions for emergency response. SDS's are required to be sent by the manufacturer of a hazardous material upon shipment of the material and upon request of an individual.

Illinois State University uses MSDSonline Safety Data Sheet Management System to allow employee's 24/7 access to Safety Data Sheets for the chemicals in their work areas. Individual departments may have copies of SDS's available for materials used by departmental employees.


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