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Hot Work Procedure

Hot Work

The purpose of this procedure is to establish minimum guidelines to ensure the safety and health of personnel and prevent fires resulting from temporary operations involving hot work. This includes, but is not limited to welding, torch-cutting, soldering, and brazing. This program requires the issuance of a "Hot Work Permit" before beginning hot work.

This procedure applies to Illinois State University employees who perform or supervise hot work activities in existing buildings, new construction in existing buildings, and new construction attached to existing buildings. It also applies to new construction, once the building has been "enclosed."

This procedure does not apply to areas that are specifically designed and equipped for such operations, e.g. welding stations at the craft shops, including the Power Plant. Questions regarding applicability of this procedure should be directed to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.

Contractors must have a hot work procedure that conforms to all OSHA regulatory requirements, including a fire watch, while performing hot work on ISU property.

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