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Redbird EMS

Star Of LifeRedbird Emergency Medical Service (EMS) is a State of Illinois licensed Emergency Medical Technician-Basic, Non-Transport service that operates within the McLean County Area EMS system. All Redbird EMS staff are Illinois State University employees. Redbird EMS operates at scheduled special events and staffs at least one (1) licensed EMT-B per event where EMS services are required. The program has four equipped medical offices: Hancock Stadium, Redbird Arena, Horton Field House and Bone Student Center.  Redbird EMS employees are a mix of EMTs who work elsewhere in the McLean County area and ISU students who are EMTs back home.

Typical Special Events staffed by Redbird EMS

  • ISU Mens and Womens Basketball Games
  • ISU Football Games
  • ISU Gymnastics
  • U-High Football Games
  • Concerts
  • Commencement
  • Large events in Bone Student Center/Braden Auditorium


Redbird EMS strives to maintain a staffing level of 10-15 active EMTs on the roster.  Periodically throughout the year, we will post two openings on the ISU Jobs Website: One for students and one for non-students.

Anyone wishing to be employed by Illinois State University in the Redbird EMS program must meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • Be a currently licensed EMT-B, EMT-I or EMT-P, in good standing, in the State of Illinois
  • Be tested and cleared to practice within the McLean County Area EMS System
  • Be eligible and qualified for employment by Illinois State University in a Civil Service, Extra Help position
  • Be physically able to access, treat and move patients in Illinois State University facilities, including venues with numerous stairs, steep inclines and uneven terrain
  • Be placed on conditional employment pending hands-on successful evaluation by a Redbird EMS proctor
  • Be able to provide your own transportation to and from Redbird EMS venues
  • Successfully complete an annual State of Illinois Ethics Course

A Redbird EMS employee may be discharged for breach of duty, negligence, breach of confidentiality, misconduct, unexcused absences or other infractions identified by a Redbird EMS proctor, the Redbird EMS Coordinator or the Office of Human Resources.


Candidate Redbird EMS EMTs will be subject to a probationary period that will be completed when a proctor has recommended full employment. A proctor will be assigned to work alongside candidates for as many shifts as necessary to gain an understanding of the candidate's skills proficiency and demeanor with patients. During proctoring sessions, candidate EMTs will take the lead on patient contacts. Candidate EMTs will be compensated a full wage during this period.

Before a candidate EMT can sign up for shifts and begin the evaluation process, the candidate EMT must first provide written documentation confirming authorization to work within the McLean County Area EMS System. Further, the candidate EMT must provide a photocopy of a current, valid State of Illinois EMT license. These documents must be provided to the Administrative Coordinator.

Proctors will be evaluating:

  • Patient assessment
  • Appropriateness of interventions
  • Proficiency of EMT-B procedures
  • Overall quality of care
  • Communications procedures (i.e. two-way radio use, knowing when/how to request an ambulance)
  • Demonstrated familiarization with procedures, EMS offices and the work environment
  • Complete, accurate, legible and appropriate documentation
  • Interaction with patients, family, friends, guests, fellow EMTs and fellow University employees

All of these criteria must be observed and evaluated by proctor(s) before the candidate will be cleared for continual employment and eligible to work alone. In many cases, candidate EMTs will require more than one proctoring session to complete this evaluation process.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about Redbird EMS, contact the Administrative Coordinator, Fanny Bowers, at 309-438-8380 or redbirdems@ilstu.edu

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