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Radiation Safety Manual 
SDS: Tritium (3H)
SDS: Carbon-14 (14C)
SDS: Phosphorus-32 (32P)
SDS: Iodine-125 Organic (125I)
SDS: Iodine-125 Inorganic (125I)
SDS: Cesium-137 (137Cs)
SDS: Calcium-45 (45Ca)
SDS: Cromium-51 (51Cr)
SDS: Nickel-63 (63Ni) 

SDS: Rubidium-86 (86Rb)

IDNS Form KLA.001 Notice to Employees


3-C Inventory Sheet
3-D Material Transfer Form
3-E Documentation of Training
5-A Sealed Source Safety Check sheet
6-A Film Badge Information Sheet
6-C Wipe Test Survey Form


Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NUREG-1556 VOLUME 11: Broad Scope License Guidance

Radiation Safety

Illlinois State University has a license issued from the State of Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety (IDNS) permitting qualified persons to use certain approved radioactive materials in their research programs. The University's Radiation Safety Committee accomplishes the administration of the use of these materials permitted by the license.

Radiation Sign This committee has as Chairman, Mr. John Goodman, Interim Director of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). Other members of the committee are the Radiation Safety Officer and representatives from Health Services, Chemistry and Biology.

The safety of individuals from the effects of both X-ray and radioisotope exposure is the responsibility of the principal user. However, Environmental Health and Safety has been given the responsibility of overseeing the program and maintaining the license for the use of the isotopes and X-rays.

At the present time the departments that have principal users are Biology, Chemistry, and Student Health Services.

Any individual faculty member may use radioactive materials in pursuit of his research or teaching; however, before obtaining the materials the following items must be completed:

  1. An application must be filed by the potential user with Environmental Health and Safety. The application can be obtained from EHS or one of the Radiation Safety Committee members. The application must show the following:
    • The type of radiation to be used.
    • The amounts of radiation to be used.
    • How the radiation will be used.
    • Experience in the use of radiation.
    • Disposal methods.
  2. The application will be reviewed by the University Radiation Safety Committee. If it is approved, the potential user will be allowed to order and work with the isotopes.
  3. The laboratory where the radiation is to be used and stored will be inspected, to ensure it meets the standards.
  4. The potential user will be required to read and understand the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety's regulations, and the University's Radiation Safety Manual. All requirements identified in these materials must be adhered to or the user could lose his/her privilege to use radiation under the University's license.

Additional information, including a copy of the University's Radiation Safety Manual can be obtained from Environmental Health and Safety.

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