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Radiation Safety

Illinois State University has a license issued from the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) permitting qualified persons to use approved radioactive materials in their research programs. The University's Radiation Safety Committee regulates the use of these materials permitted by the license. In addition to the license, x-ray and laser producing devices have been registered with IEMA.

Safegauirding individuals and minimizing physical and health effects from exposures to radioisotopes, x-rays, and lasers is the responsibility of the principal user. However, Environmental Health and Safety has been given the responsibility of overseeing radiation safety at ISU.

Application Process

Faculty members may use radioactive materials, radiation-producing machines, and lasers in pursuit of their research or teaching. Before obtaining or using radioactive materials or radiation-proiducing devices, the following items must be completed:

  • 1

    An application must be filed by the potential user with Environmental Health and Safety.

  • 2

    The application will be reviewed by the University Radiation Safety Committee. If it is approved, the user will be allowed to order and work with the isotopes or equipment.

  • 3

    The laboratory where the radioactive materials or equipment are to be used and stored will be inspected, to ensure it meets the standards (as needed).

  • 4

    The potential user will be required to read and understand the Illinois Emergency Management Agency's regulations/ Radioactive material users must read the University's Radiation Safety Manual. All requirements must be adhered to or the user could lose their privilege to use radioactive materials under the University's license.