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Locations for Medical Assistance

Employees with serious injuries or illnesses should call 911 for emergency medical care and transport to the nearest emergency care facility.

Employees with work related injuries (or illnesses) that are not serious, or life threatening are to immediately contact their supervisor to advise them of the incident and to make arrangements (time away from work) to seek medical care if necessary.

If the injury/ illness requires immediate medical treatment, the supervisor is to inform the employee of the University Preferred Provider Agreement with OSF HealthCare. The supervisor can assist the employee in obtaining transportation if necessary.

The OSF Occupational Health Center is located at St. Joseph Medical Center Main Campus. Use Entrance B. (See the OSF St. Joseph Campus Map). Additional treatment locations include the OSF Prompt Care locations and the OSF St. Joseph Medical Center Emergency Room as listed on the OSF directions page. Once again, employees are encouraged to seek treatment through OSF HealthCare Facilities when injuries are of a nature that requires medical care.

Services provided through the OSF HealthCare agreement include evaluation and treatment of work-related injuries at several locations. Employees are encouraged to treat with the OSF Occupational Health Center when open. As with any health care facility, employees should make sure their health insurance plan covers any facility they choose.

When an employee is being seen at any off-site medical care facility, the supervisor is responsible for providing prompt notification of the incident to the Workers’ Compensation Coordinator at 309-438-2007. The supervisor also needs to complete the online Accident Reporting in iPeople.

Employees are not required to be treated by OSF and may choose to see their own physician. The employee must complete the Workers’ Compensation packet as detailed in the Workers’ Compensation Section and call Gallagher Bassett, the State of Illinois Third Party Administrator, to report the injury and start the claim process as soon as possible. ISU does not make any determinations of accepting or denying Workers’ Compensation claims.